Five years ago, our team imagined an innovative way to get intensive swallowing therapy to people who needed it, but who were unable to travel to a clinic on a daily basis to receive it.

With financial assistance from the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Dr Jana Rieger's team was able to bring these concepts into reality. Together, they developed a mobile health device for swallowing therapy called the Mobili-T.

The idea for this mHealth technology was co-conceived by clinicians and biomedical engineers at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since then, the design and development of this technology has involved ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration with many colleagues from the University of Alberta including: software engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, and industrial designers.

Most importantly, however, was our collaboration with patients and clinicians during all stages of development of the Mobili-T, from conception to usability studies.

We are currently undertaking Health Canada approved clinical trials at the University of Alberta and iRSM.


Mobili-T (Mobile Therapy) is a
tool to help you complete swallowing
therapy from home.

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Mobili-T (Mobile Therapy) is a
system for remote swallowing

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